How To Emergency Withdraw From Old MasterChef Farms

2 min readDec 19, 2021

Most users wont need to perform this step as most liquidity was moved out of the contracts earlier today, but if you haven’t been able to move your liquidity from the MasterChef v1 Farms then this article is for you.

Emergency Withdraw

We will use the old MasterChef’s Emergency Withdraw function. This will remove the LP from the farm and return the underlying tokens to your wallet. After that’s done you can simply use the pool/farms on the Embr website and deposit as normal into the new MasterChef contract.

First you’ll need to go-to the old MasterChef contract here. The address is 0xa5C23E56f7e673Fd741903656b79c4c6ef9De000. Once you’re on the contracts page you can connect web3.

Click Connect & Select Your Account

Next we’ll locate the Emergency Withdraw function under the Write Contract tab. It will give you the option to input the pool id you have assets in, and the address you’d like those assets sent to.

Double check everything before clicking ‘Write’

Here’s a list of the pool id’s you can use to make sure you’ve recovered all your assets from the old MasterChef farming contract:

EMBR-AUSD (80 / 20): 3
EMBR-AVE (50 / 50): 4
EMBR-WAVAX (50 / 50): 5
AUSD-WAVAX (50 / 50): 6
AUSD-AVE (50 / 50): 7
AVE-WAVAX (50 / 50): 8

Use the correct pool id & to address and click write to have the underlying assets transferred from the old farming contracts to your wallet. If you already have pulled out your farming assets before the Migration and new release, then you’re all set and can start farming V2 right away.