Embr.Finance Weekly #2

2 min readJan 11, 2022

Welcome back! In our Embr.Finance Weekly series we touch on what’s going on with Embr, what’s coming up, and where we’re headed! You can read Embr.Finance Weekly #1 here. Embr.Finance is off to a great start and we’re just getting warmed up.

More Farms

We’re adding new farms and looking to form partnerships with teams on Avalanche and getting some farms up for other Avalanche projects. We recently just added a MIM/WAVAX pool and farm and will be adding more farms as we form partnerships and listen to what the community is asking for.

Single Sided Staking

We’re working on adding Pickle.Finance lock style staking to the Embr platform. A percentage of the swap fees will be used to reward our stakers in our current top 10 coins. You will be able to stake EMBR and be rewarded in stable coins & more! We think this will be great for EMBR farmers giving them a way to stake EMBR worry free of IL. We’re currently in the testing phase.


We have submitted all the needed information to CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Nomics. They will list us as an exchange & token. We’re just waiting on them. We are also looking out for other means of product discovery and are looking forward to Learn 2 Earn projects launching on Avalanche


We’re seeing more and more of DeFi being users first experience of blockchain and understand the need to educate and help new users in learning to navigate this exciting new space. Here’s an ongoing educational series for Embr we’re doing on Avalanche.Today. We’re also working with others and doing more tutorial style stuff alongside upcoming educational video content.


Launching on Avalanche? You should consider using Embr.Finance for your DEX of choice. Looking for more than just listing & farm? Consider launching your project through the Avaware Launchpad to take full of all the possible collaborations, fund raising, and events they could help your new project with. We’re also looking for native projects already established that would like like to collaborate with Embr.Finance